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The Reasons Vacuum Metalizing Is Hot These Days

Afraid of the impact and cost of electroplating and coating? Chrome plating, coating and finishing are vital to the appearance, stability and quality of your product. But when the financial crunch is on, investing additional dollars at this phase may really hurt. Not just that, it’s getting rather challenging to ignore the health and environmental risks of chrome plating.

Hexavalent chromium – the acid used in chrome plating – is an infamous carcinogen. It was at the core of the lawsuit that pushed Erin Brokovich to stardom. Chrome plating processes generally require large use of cyanide. Chrome plating can trigger hydrogen embrittlement – that is, hardened steel parts turning into brittle glass. The list continues.

What if you can use another process that will cost less and be safer for your workers and planet Earth? Say, vacuum metalizing, which is now becoming increasingly popular in various industries, from automotive to aeronautical to electrical and more, because of its cheap cost and overall viability.

Wondering whether vacuum metalizing will decrease the quality and durability of finish? Vacuum metalizing has come so far since the 1960s. First intended for interior fittings of automobiles, the process mostly didn’t require a top coat application. The fittings were highly prone to scratching and the dazzling chrome effect rubbed off so easily.

Not any more today. As outer body paint for automobiles has advanced, so has vacuum metalizing. Look for a shop that makes long-lasting, amazingly brilliant metal finishes. The top coats have to be tintable to create coloured chromes or imitation gold. You may not know it yet, but even the world’s most prominent automotive companies have shifted to vacuum metalizing. Should weight be an issue, vacuum metalizing is the best solution.
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If performance is on the line, weight is critical. As vacuum metalizing sticks to plastic and an entire array of lightweight metals, you get the very look and durability of chrome and none of the weight. As the world’s fossil resources drop, sustainability, ecological responsibility and fuel efficiency are the new necessities in each and every industry. Whatever provides your product the edge can make all the difference in your business. So get on board with vacuum metalizing and remain ahead of your pack. Shielding using vacuum metalizing has extraordinarily wide application potential. Vacuum metalized shielding may also be used as a vapor barrier to protect moisture-delicate telecommunications, military, electronic and marine equipment.
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If you would like to save money, keep the environment safe for your staff, and cut down on your carbon footprint, vacuum metalizing is your only plating and coating needs option today. In contrast to other economic and environmental problems in the world, chrome plating has a clear-cut solution – vacuum metalizing.