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The Reasons to Have the Gas Boiler in Your Home Serviced

It is necessary that you have the yearly boiler service done when you heat the house and hot water in your home using the gas boiler. Here are some of the reasons that you must know why you will need this.

Safety is the main reason as well as the most important thing that you have to ensure. All of the gas boilers out there are producing products of combustion and would disperse these through the flue that is connected to the boiler. If the annual boiler service is done then the flue would get inspected and also checked for product spillage. You have to understand how dangerous the carbon monoxide is as well as the fact that you cannot smell or see this but this could be somewhat life threatening. The boiler flue is really a very important part of your boiler service.

When the annual boiler service is done by the engineer, then one will do a combustion test with gas analyzer and this will provide a reading about how the boiler is burning gas and this is checked against the boilermaker’s technical specification and when there are adjustments needed, then they will do this.
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A lot of the gas boilers are now being made to be really efficient and can help you save money on the energy bills. However, the gas boiler which is not serviced can cost you more to run and this will lead you to purchase a new boiler.
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There are now many boilers that have high efficient condensing boilers and would produce condense and such condense water is acidic and should exit into the drain internally when possible or an outside drain and then protected from cold weather. Inside the boiler is that condense trap and this is somewhat like what you find under the kitchen sink, this always has water in it and the trap should be checked because this is a part of the flue of the boiler. When there is a small leakage in the condense trap or the pipe work, this could release carbon monoxide inside the room where the boiler is.

So many of today’s high efficiency boilers would work on high pressure and this basically means that the whole of the heating as well as the hot water system is pressurized and this is called the sealed system. The system is filled up with water to around 1.2 bar by the incoming water mains.. When the system pressure should be topped up on a regular basis, such would indicate a problem. Regular topping up on the pressure isn’t great for the boiler. This is why you should get a boiler service to check the pressure if it is dropping and know why this is happening.