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Great Screen Porch Ideas To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal It is still possible to enjoy the outdoors even if it is a hot and summer day by having a screened porch. You can get a lot of benefits having your porches screened like making it as your extended living space, ability to use it all year round, having your own private space, and no bugs and flies flying around every time you dine, nap or read. You can enjoy the refreshing smell of freshly cut grass and the warm breeze with a screened porch while you enjoy your reading, music listening or yoga. Having your porch screened can also keep other larger wildlife away such as raccoons and squirrels away. Most mesh screens are see through, creating a decent privacy barrier between your neighbors and your porch. A screened porch can be used in all seasons protecting your furniture and belongings from snow and rain, and offering a good shield from strong and damaging gusts of freezing the wind especially in winter and fall. During summer time, it is nice to have a ceiling fan in your screened porch for cooler space and adding a stove so you have a comfortable place to play board games with your kids, carve pumpkins and sip your afternoon tea. Having your porch screened is a practical way to enjoy your hobbies and do other activities while bringing yourself closer to nature. There are many homeowners who have patios, decks and open front porches that are not really used and just for display purposes. The maintenance of a screened porch is minimal while you enjoy the openness and comfort of having an outdoor and at the same time an indoor living space. With a new screened porch, you and your family can enjoy a relaxing meal or a small party with your friends or neighbors. The perfect place to let your children play is your screened porch without worrying about mosquitoes, bees and wasps biting or causing diseases. A screened porch is a safer place especially on rainy days where your kids can still enjoy playing close to outdoors. In a real estate, studies show that having a screened porch is really favorable when selling a property because of its added exclusivity, privacy and practicality. A screened porch allows you to enjoy quality time with your family in an outdoor area, and not just adding great value to your home. You can apply your creative ideas in decorating your screened porch without having to move your furniture in when it rains. Allow us to help you install your own screened porch by visiting our website or contacting us directly.The 10 Rules of Renovations And How Learn More

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