Top Benefits of Vacation Rentals in Orlando FL Versus Hotel Rentals

No matter where you stay, vacationing in Orlando, FL is great fun. The fantastic weather, palm trees, theme parks, clubs, and fine dining are just a few of the many reasons to visit. Once you decide that a vacation to Orlando is in your future, the next step it to decide where you’ll be staying. While hotels can be great for a day or two when vacationing for a longer period of time they can begin to feel cramped and uncomfortable. Opting for one of the beautiful vacation rentals in orlando fl is a far better option that brings many benefits along with it.

More Space

There are lovely vacation rentals available for small groups of four to six to larger groups of 15 or more. A home also provides designated areas for dining, sleeping, and relaxing. Just like at home, there are spaces where everyone can be together, and spaces where one can be alone when they need some space.


A house offers more privacy than a hotel. Even in the best hotels, people walk up and down the halls, intruding on your privacy. Walls in hotels aren’t very thick; it’s common to hear those on either side of a room. Going into the pool at a hotel means sharing it with everyone else in the hotel, pools in a private home are only for the use of those staying the house. Enjoy alone time with travel companions by staying in a house, rather than a hotel.

Save money

Renting a house is usually less expensive than renting a room in a hotel, but, that’s just one part of the money saving benefits that come from renting a house. Being able to cook meals in the kitchen is another way to save a lot of money. Dining out can get very expensive. Save by preparing at least a couple of meals each day at the house. Take advantage of both the kitchen and the backyard grill. Most homes are equipped with a washer and dryer so laundry can be done there. Built in entertainment includes DVDs, music, and many offer a swimming pool as well.

As you plan your Orlando trip consider a vacation rental that will save you money, offer more space, and provide your family with privacy. There are many homes available for your consideration.