Though it is not one of Europe’s largest countries, Portugal is a fantastic place to go for a magnificent vacation experience. This country offers a visitor a wide range of attractions, from cosmopolitan cities and out-of-the-way towns and villages to grand beaches and fascinating parks.

Portugal is a nation located in the western hemisphere of Europe. It shares a border with Spain and a fantastic coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. The country has many rivers, rolling plains, valleys, and some remote mountain ranges.

You are also assured of a fantastic collection of historical references and monuments in Portugal, with many sites marked as UNESCO’s World heritage sites. It is one amazing place to spend your vacation. If you are planning to go to Portugal for some time, some cities you could visit are;


It is the capital of Portugal and one of its most alluring cities. It is banked by the River Targus and scattered over a series of hills that heightens its waterfront location. It also has collections of museums and attractions like the Castelo de Sao Jorge and the Alfama, the oldest part of Lisbon.


UNESCO recognises this place for its cultural and historical landscape. It is the town that houses the celebrated Palacio Nacional. In this town, you will also find clustered under the wooded Serra de Sintra hills’ lip, the ancient Castelo dos Mouros. The Palacio da Pena, the summer retreat location for the 19th-century Portuguese royal family, is also found in this town.


This place, also known as Portugal’s second city, offers a remarkable contrast to Lisbon’s capital city. It is located at the River Douro’s mouth and is the envied location of the Ribeira—also a world heritage site. In Porto, you will find neoclassical buildings and many baroque churches among the best in the country.

Here, you will discover architectural masterpieces and an intense commercial disposition. Some of these breath-taking buildings are the Torre dos Clerigos shaped in the form of a needle, and the imposing Se, the city’s cathedral. The Ponte Dom Luis 1—a spectacular iron bridge that spans the Duoro and connects the town with Vila Nova de Gaia. This is undoubtedly a place to visit when you come to Portugal.


It is, no doubt, one of Portugal’s most attractive cities. With medieval walls that boast of centuries of history, Evora will keep a tourist thoroughly engaged and enamoured. The Temple Romano illustrates a timeline that dates from the second century to the 12th century, where the Se is built, and the mid-1550s, where the Igreja de Sao Francisco is completed. Due to the Evora’s historical and cultural significance, UNESCO has recognised it as a world heritage site, but apart from its lovely history, its modern ambience is lovely.

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By Njord