Now Isabella Yachts offers boats for rent that will add to your holiday experience more amazing. Isabella Yachts is the largest phuket yacht charter in Thailand, what are you waiting for, immediately rent a boat at Isabella Yachts.

To many people, the idea of ​​renting a boat at Isabella Yachts seems like a glamorous exclusive hobby, something the majority cannot enjoy. A shipping company wants to introduce the hobby of sailing to the public, where affordability and accessibility are the keys.

Offering boat rentals directly from the owner, although they also use a private boat company. Either using an online platform or through an application, how to rent the same. You will choose your destination from 60 selected countries. Then choose the type of boat, either motorboat or sailboat, all of which are available. Then, choose a rental date. For other Phuket charter yachts

There are also options for renting for one day, several days, or for long-distance travel. Knowledgeable skippers can also be added to all bookings, so you don’t need to be able to sail to rent these ships.

The master is only there to help and advise if you need it because the route will remain your decision.

“All of this is designed so that sailing activities become an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone, without having to have a private boat,”

“We are still trying to spread this offer because there are so many people who don’t realize that they can access sailing activities.”

Offering various types of ships. From super luxury cruises to sailboats, can be rented at various prices, for luxury cruises and their staff.

The only thing that is the same for all types of ships is that every vessel advertised must have passed the sailing test equivalent to the standard and has insurance.

So, how easy is it to rent a boat through isabellayachtsphuket? We ordered for three hours and we were given the contact of a skipper along with information about the shape of the boat. At the specified time and place,

The master on the ship gave us insight into the attractions we could see along the way. Starting from the best place to watch the sunset called Praiano, until the famous rock formations are shaped like kissing elephants.

Also, we were served beer on the boat and were allowed to try to steer the cruise, which can be exhibited on an Instagram account.

In the future, it will expand its offer by launching paddleboard, kayak and sailing dinghies rentals. This service will certainly be labeled at a lower price, according to the company’s vision

Feel the breeze blowing your hair and enjoy the unique feeling of sitting on the prow of the ship in the warm sun. Isabellayachtsphuket can provide your unforgettable vacation experience.

By Njord