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McCarran International Airport

The bolts click loudly when they open—an unambiguous sound that might have been familiar to the pilots. It is unlikely that this might have happened, just as it is unlikely that a flight attendant held hostage could have used the door keypad to permit sudden entry without firing off a warning. The intricate seven-hour profile of MH370’s deviation into oblivion fits none of these scenarios.

Also, lower than two minutes handed between Zaharie’s casual “good night time” to the Kuala Lumpur controller and the start of the diversion, with the attendant loss of the transponder sign. Both of the control yokes had transmitter switches, within the merest finger attain, and some signal may have been despatched in the moments earlier than an attempted takeover. Furthermore, each one of many passengers and cabin-crew members has been investigated and cleared of suspicion by teams of Malaysian and Chinese investigators aided by the …