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What to Wear on Your Missions Trip

While I was in Uganda, I observed some cultural idiosyncrasies that I made a note of and thought that it would be helpful for me to cross them alongside to others.
I actually have considered and put collectively some Do’s and Don’ts of what to wear and what not to put on in your subsequent mission trip. One thing to be cautious of is wearing scented perfumes together with scented shampoos and lotions can entice mosquitoes and different bugs which might cause malaria. You will not wish to wear any closely scented items simply to be secure.
There are many cultural variations in foreign countries which we’re not always conscious of here in America. I was using on a “Boda Boda,” (which is more generally often known as a motorcycle) in Uganda, Africa where I was informed that I want to make sure I wear a small purse as a …