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Selling Vapor

Thought experiment. Let’s say Simon Properties launched a new program that rewarded you with a free iPad for each $10,000 you spent in their shops. So you exit of your way to purchase most of your loved ones’s wants at a Simon mall, bypassing a lot of your favorite purchasing locations like Costco, the manufacturing facility outlets, and the internet. After 18 long months, you attain your goal and receive a coupon that can be exchanged for an iPad at any of the Simon Mall Apple stores. Off you go to gather your bounty, however if you arrive, the Apple “specialist” tells you that the item is out of stock. You curiously scan the surrounding bustling retail panorama and see salespeople handing out lots of of iPads to clients.
“What gives?” you ask. The specialist responds that solely a certain quantity of iPads could be distributed to coupon house owners …