A tent with happy friends, bracing smell of soil and rain, warmed by campfire and fantasy of sung sleeping bags creates camp experience an enticing opportunity for nature lovers. There are countless sites in the world where couples, families and friends can camp while enjoying work from home relaxation. Coupon.ae understands that people like to turn such relaxations into real happiness. It has Etihad Airways discount code for families and friends who prefer traveling around rather than sticking to home. Are you ready to camp? We have some guidelines for the travelers especially who have responsibilities of managing office work.  

So Can I Camp Anywhere? 

This is a basic question circulating in minds. The logical answer is “Yes” because all you need is a small space to set your camp. Think about the technicalities. Technical experts say “No” while answering for the same question. Camps are good for social distancing and public isolation. Observing such practices is difficult in cities but camping allows you to maintain a strategic distance from everyone.  

What is Best Places for Camping? 

This is second question after getting clearance to camp. There are several public as well as private spaces where you can camp. Normally, there is no legal permit or permission necessary for camping in the public lands. Just avoid prohibited areas where public movement is illegal. Book a family travel deal with etihad airways discount code and visit to countries most beautiful remote locations such as South Island in New Zealand, Jasper National Park in Canada, Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan and more.  

Can I Camp Free? 

Yes, there are numerous places even the national parks where you can camp without paying charges. For example, camping in the deserts around Doha, Qatar is absolutely free. This is public land and everyone can spend time alone or with family here. It would be best to choose the comfortable sites such as riversides, seashores, and forests. Make sure that you have access to the camping sites and suitable locations. Camping in the public properties such as zoo, and national park (where entry fee applies) requires spending. You may need to pay for entry tickets for single day but camping will be free.  

What Do I Need For Camping? 

This depends on your purpose and activity. Are you camping and working remote? This is a new trend to set camps with families and friends while you spend some of time working with laptop. Those who are camping for short duration may need a few snacks and water bottles. However, you will need power supply to recharge the batteries of different devices if you intend to camp for several days. Choose the locations where electricity connections and internet services are present.  

Do I Need Travel Insurance And Planning? 

With etihad airways discount code, it is easy to get best travel plans for everyone. Tourists may require travel insurance if present in a foreign country. Visit Coupon.ae to discover the best travel insurance plans in the city or country where you will set the camps. 

By Njord