When surfers think about heading off on the next adventure in search of perfect waves and fun times, most think of the classic point breaks of California, the sandy beaches of France, perfect tropical reef setup’s in Bali Indonesia, beautiful turquoise waves in Australia and of course those world class heavy waves in Hawaii. We want you to give all these typical surfing locations the flick and discover 5 surfing holidays off the beaten track. Discover the great, uncrowded surf in the Mid Atlantic, Caribbean, Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Surfing Holiday Cape Verde

Cape Verde which means green cape is a captivating island in the Atlantic Ocean a few hundred miles off Mauritania and Senegal. The island’s people blend African, Brazilian and Portuguese culture mixed with world class surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing. The little known Cape Verde is also known as the “African Caribbean” and its brimming with character and endless snow-white sands. Its easy to see why these secret Atlantic isles are the hottest buzzword in surf travel right now and why My Surf Travel are the first company to bring them to you. The surf in Cape Verde is varied with stacks of quality reef, points and beaches year round.

Surfing British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands present surfers with the possibility to mix a luxury holiday with excellent surfing. With small bays and hidden coves, the British Virgin Islands are among the world’s loveliest surfing grounds. What is the most amazing about the surf in these islands is the variety and quality of the surf. This is has attracted a handful of professional and soul surfers to this region for years. The British Virgin Islands has become a secret hideaway for surfers for years rarely ever featuring in surf publications. Even though it doesn’t have the most consistent surf it offers the opportunity of some very good surf in the most wonderful of settings in beautiful turquoise waters.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the best surfing location within the Indian Ocean offering high quality surfing, peaceful beautiful and very tropical surroundings and uncrowded beaches. Located just south of the Indian subcontinent Sri Lanka is a secret garden of surfing and also is one of the most reliable surf destinations in the Indian ocean. The island encompasses beautiful tropical beaches, verdant vegetation, ancient monuments and a thousand delights to please all tastes. The surfing season in Hikkaduwa starts in October and ends in early May.

Surfing Galapagos Islands

The unique Galapagos Islands, in all their dramatic and desolate volcanic beauty, lie 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador’s Pacific coast right on the equator. The islands were first made famous by Charles Darwin in the 1800’s and considered to be the birth place for the theory of evolution. You won’t find too many trendy wine bars and cafe’s here, only fantastic scenery and wildlife plus some excellent waves. You regularly surf with dolphins, sea lions, turtles and iguanas. The best time of year for surfing is December to May very favorable winds and constant swell.

Surfing Holiday Samoa

When its time to go on a holiday like no other, full of adventure, natural beauty and pure relaxation then you need to discover Samoa. Like other Pacific islands Samoa is overflowing with the potential for surfing all year round, subject to swell and good wind conditions. The best time to surf samoa is in three main date ranges: May to September; February to April and including October; and November to January. Some of the epic surf spots on Samoa’s reefs include Tiavea Bay, Fagaloa Bay, Solo Solo and Dragons Breath.

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By Njord