6 Famous Diving Spots in Thailand

At present, Thai tourism has become one of the reliable sectors, so the government is very committed to everything that is in contact with it. From many tourism destinations in Thailand, diving spots in Thailand often become a tourist destination for various countries. By using the services of Manta Queen liveaboard, your diving experience will be maximum. Manta Queen gives you a 3000 bath discount for every journey that starts from October to May. Here are some of the best diving spots in Thailand worth visiting by tourists.


It is the gate of diving activities in Thailand. Pulau Similiant is located in the Mu Koh Similan National Park area, the tourists are spoiled by a various view of the Andaman Sea. Visiting this place there is no good or bad season, but if you want to see sharks and manta rays come in February to April.


Located at the north of Similan Island, there is Surin Island which has a special panoramic underwater. Different from Similan Island, Surin Island did not become the main spot of new diver. But that is the good news because the underwater atmosphere is still natural. The main attractions at this place are turtles and sharks.

KledKaew HTMS

Incomplete if it does not visit the location of the wrecked ship while diving, one of the locations that must be visited in Thailand is HTMS Kled Kaew. This place is located between Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi.

Koh Bida Nok

Koh Bida Nok is an ideal place to dive, without having to rent the boat first. It is located on Phi Phi Island, which is famous for its diverse marine fauna.

Koh Haa

Besides Similian Island, Koh Ha is a favorite place for divers because it offers various places according to one’s ability. Starting from the beginner to the expertise. Usually, the expertise visits The Cathedral, a huge cave 20 meters long.

Sail Rock

Amongst the many diving spots in the Samui Islands, Sail Rock is a favorite choice for divers. But to enjoy this place, it is best to visit when the awkward season or shoulder seasons.

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