Want to find additional income or start an independent home business without the hassle? Just consider how to sell online as follows!

In the midst of the narrowing of employment opportunities and the increasing number of unemployed, it is difficult for us to make a living in accordance with the targeted skills and wages.

Not to mention the growing era, many types of work that are getting here are not needed.

So, even after getting a job, its sustainability is not guaranteed for long.

Therefore, online business is one of the right choices for a successful career with guaranteed bright future.

So, when you’re ready to start, check out the tips and ways of selling online for beginners below!

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1. Choose Products for the First Way of Selling Online

As a beginner, you will start your online business from scratch, this is a sign that you must first have an idea what to sell.

The item you are going to sell is called the main product.

This product will be the image and theme that is raised by your business.

For example, if you intend to sell clothes online, the brand that will be attached to your digital company will forever be seen as a place to sell clothes.

You can change products in the middle of the business, but the first customers will still remember you as a clothes shop.

So, make sure the product you choose is what you want and is predicted to last a long time on the market.

As a reference, here are tips for choosing online business products in more detail:

Choose a product that you like and match your personality, so that you won’t feel forced to take care of your business.

You can not only sell goods, you can also sell the skills you have such as writing, drawing, cooking, air conditioning services, website design, etc.

If you don’t have capital or start with a small amount of capital, you can use the dropship method or become a reseller of the main producer whose products you want to resell.

Conversely, if you have a large amount of capital, don’t hesitate to buy lots of products from suppliers to resell them as new items.

2. Determining the price of a product or service, the most difficult way to sell online

The following methods of selling online are quite difficult to do.

The reason is, you have to be careful in monitoring the market whether the price you choose will make you profit or even lose a lot.

Before choosing a price, there are a number of things you should think about first, such as production and operational costs.

To calculate production and operational prices, you must look at the prices offered by the supplier.

After that, add transportation and accommodation costs.

Don’t forget to also calculate logistics costs, who knows you need other people to work together.

If the price of the product from the main producer, operational costs, and production have been determined, you can only calculate the product price.

In general, the product price is usually sold for at least 30 to 40 percent of the cost of production.

3. Decide where you will sell your product or service

The next way of online business is to determine the platform to sell products.

access to selling online is easier because we have provided a lot of land on the internet.

There are still many places to sell online out there that you can choose from, such as Facebook, Instagram, or WordPress.

You don’t have to choose just one place.

If possible, you can choose more than two so that customers are more comfortable shopping at the online shop they choose.

4. Prepare all the materials needed

After the product price has been determined, it’s time for you to prepare the materials needed so that your online business runs smoothly.

This method of selling online requires accuracy because you will record many important things.

Some of these include

To find out what materials need to be completed, you can learn from friends who have successfully launched personal online sales.

You can also do research via Google.

This method of learning to sell online is easier, doesn’t take much time, and of course it’s free.

5. Join the Online Business Community

Besides research on Google and ask your friends directly, you can also get the knowledge of how to sell online by joining the same business group.

There are many online business groups that hold events and seminars to help fellow traders succeed in running their business.

From here, you can learn a lot, from how to manage an online business to how to calculate loss and profit in the business world!

6. Try a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a promotional technique that relies on creating content related to a product or service.

The content that is made is not arbitrary.

The contents must educate products and services, but be packaged as attractively as possible so that the target audience is attracted to become buyers.

To create quality content, you also need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge.

SEO will help your product and service content to appear on Google pages when someone is looking for and needed it.

So, if you feel you can’t create marketing content as described above, you can hire someone as a content writer.

Pare SEO content writers will better understand what words are needed for your online business to appear in Google searches.

Of course, don’t forget to include this content writer budget into the production costs, huh!

This way, your shop is guaranteed to be more famous and more customers!

7. Don’t forget to be active on social media

The marketing strategy in the next online business is to appear and always be active on social media.

As we discussed above, it is legally important to choose a platform to sell to.

However, you also have to know that the place you sell must be distinguished from the place for promotion.

For example, if you choose to sell on Instagram, you should have two accounts.

One account is used as a product catalog and the other as a promotional page and appeals about the products or services you offer.

If you only have one account, chances are you will upload too many posts that they look like spam.

By Njord