traveler’s nightmare is losing money while traveling. Unfortunate factors of course vary from scattered, stolen, robbed and many others. Therefore, before traveling you must have a strategy for saving money to minimize losing money. So, here are safe tips that you can copy to save money while traveling. Here’s the Travel News you can remembered it

1. Save money in several places

Just like investing, when saving money while Travel Information you have to use the principle “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Divide your money and put it in several places such as wallets, trouser pockets or in backpacks. If money disappears in one place, you still have savings elsewhere. You can do the same for debit and credit cards.

2. Choose small denominations of money

It is illegal to show off the money you have in public, especially if the money you have is in large amounts. It’s best if you bring small denominations of money which, even if you show them off, don’t attract the attention of many eyes.

3. Bring a fake wallet

Prepare a wallet that you are willing to lose. Fill the wallet with minimal cash and assorted gym membership cards or ATM cards that no longer work. The goal is, if you are mugged you can give the “worthless” wallet. While the mugger is busy checking the wallet, you can take the opportunity to escape.

4. Put money in the lining of the shoe

When you overspend, hide it in the inside of your shoes. This method is quite effective because thieves rarely target shoes. Put money in plastic to protect it from sweat and seepage of water.

5. Insert in photo album

Print some photos of you and your family. Then laminating each photo before then you glue the edges. Before everything is glued, insert money into it, make sure it doesn’t bubble up too much. If you’re unlucky and your bag gets robbed, you can beg the thief to return the photo album.

6. Store in underwear

For female travelers, before make a Travel Planning you must prepare the bra you wear, it can be a place to store money. For men, there’s no need to worry because currently there are lots of undergarments with pockets. You can keep money in your underwear pocket.

This method is perfect for those of you who will be traveling by public transportation for a long time, even if you fall asleep your money will be kept safe.

7. Roll up the money and store it in used lipstick packaging

If you have several unused lipstick packages, change their function to be a place to store money. Clean the lipstick container, roll up the money and put it in the container and close it. Voila! Your money is stored safely. Eits, but don’t put the lipstick carelessly, OK?

8. The frame of the backpack is also a safe place to store money

The current backpack has a frame on the back made of foam. You can add a function to the framework as a place to store money, you know. Open the seam a little, then tuck the money inside. Then sew again with thread of the same color.

9. Forget about money belts

Even though it is considered safe to save money, a money belt will actually be a sign that you are a tourist. As a result, you will become an easy target for pickpockets. So, forget the money belt!

By Njord