Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, and is the biggest metropolis in Greece with a history spanning back over 3400 years.
The metropolis is called after Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, peace, technique and purpose. The Parthenon was constructed as a place to worship Athena as mythology was an daily part of life in Ancient Greece. Today, the Parthenon is one of the most visited locations within the Athens.
The architecture in Athens is a perfect mixture of days long since previous and trendy instances. Take a walk within the historic triangle, and in the old neighborhoods for glimpses of old mansions. Head to Kolonaki to see how the celebrated folks of Greece reside. Kolonaki is a neighborhood and purchasing area hugging Mount Lycabettus, stuffed with cafés, boutiques, galleries and more.
Out of the middle of Athens rises Mount Lycabettus. To attain its summit you possibly can hike when you like, or you possibly can take the Lycabettus Funicular (a small prepare that takes you to the peak). At the top of this mountain is a theater, a nineteenth century chapel and a café searching over the gorgeous city below.
Athens is house to many nice individuals in history, corresponding to philosophers Socrates and Plato. It held the primary modern Olympics Games held in 1894. Athens didn’t host another Olympics Games until 2004. The games are held within the Athens Olympic Stadium also known as the Spiridon “Spiros” Louis Stadium (named after the person to win the first fashionable Olympic marathon race in 1896). In the 2004 Olympics, all video games besides the archery competition had been held at this stadium. The archery competitors and the end of the Marathon were held at the Panathinaiko or Panathenaic Stadium. This is the one stadium on the planet that’s constructed entirely of white marble.

By Njord