Besides Enjoying the Beauty of the Underwater World, These 4 Benefits of Scuba Diving for Health

Scuba diving in the ocean seems to be popular in recent years. This scuba, using diving equipment such as oxygen cylinders, regulators, tanks, and weight enhancers to explore the underwater world. However, why do people bother diving under the sea until they have to use oxygen cylinders? Apart from the natural wealth under the sea that is so amazing and incomparable, here it is a variety of healthful benefits of scuba diving. If you are looking for a holiday package that is both fun and healthy, Khao Lak scuba adventures provide comfort and good facilities. For example, 3day/3night Manta Queen 2 package:

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Here I will explain what are the benefits of scuba diving for health?

Once upon a time, this sport was carried out by the navy in America, but now it started to be loved by many people and became a favorite of the general public. I wonder, what are the benefits and benefits of diving, huh? Let’s look at four healthy benefits that you can get from scuba diving.

1. Train all body muscles

When you start diving, all of your body’s muscles will fight the heavy flow of water. The divers are usually not aware that the activities they do underwater are classified as quite strenuous physical activity.

The reason is, when you are in the water, the body’s movements and burden seem to feel lighter. What happens is divers use the main muscle groups of the body to push themselves to move against water resistance while exploring the ocean.

So not infrequently, if after doing scuba diving, the body can feel very tired. What’s more, when diving you will use or carry oxygen cylinders weighing about 30 to 40 kilograms and other equipment ranging from up to 10 kilograms.

Therefore, your muscles will become more trained and formed, without the need to sweat excessively like when you are training in a gym at the gym.

2. Burn massive calories

Did you know that with 30 minutes of scuba diving, you can burn about 400 calories? Yes, thanks to resistance and movement in the water, you can burn more calories. However, the benefits of scuba diving depending on body weight, water flow, and intensity of diving that you do.

A fitness expert and author of a health book suggest, if you dive several times in one day, don’t forget to eat adequate portions and drink as much mineral water as possible. Because your calories are drained quite a lot, if not balanced with adequate food intake it is feared that it will cause serious health problems.

3. Practicing breathing

You are forbidden to simply hold your breath while diving. Why not? When diving, you have to use deep breathing (usually using abdominal breathing), this aims to avoid the risk of injury to the lungs.

Breathing using abdominal breathing can improve lung function while strengthening the respiratory system. Another bonus, by using deep breathing, you let the body absorb more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide. Deep breathing techniques can also deal with depression, anxiety, and disorders related to stress problems.

4. Relieve stress

The benefits of scuba diving on this one are rarely known. By combining the release of endorphins when diving, deep breathing and seeing beautiful underwater scenes, scuba diving can help you release stress. So how, interested in trying this unique sport?

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