Who does not know Thailand? This country is not only famous for amazing views but also football that has begun to advance in the Southeast Asian region.

Besides being famous for its tourist attractions and sports fields, Thailand is also famous for having a variety of cheap shopping places that you must visit, such as Phuket. Here are some cheap shopping places in Phuket that you can visit.

1. O Top Patong

At O Top Patong you can buy a variety of products that you want. This market starts at 10 am and closes around midnight.

O Top Patong is a government-owned market that aims to develop community small businesses. What is unique here is that you will get a variety of products in the form of handicrafts, bags, clothes, and even paintings.

However, many tourists, when visiting the Patong OTop is because they want to get handicrafts that have characteristic of Thailand. Also, the price you have to pay if you want to buy crafts is not too expensive, especially if you can bargain the price. If you want to find accommodation to stay close to O Top Patong, you can try staying at the Luxury Hotel Patong, Swissotel Resort.

2. Platinum Market

The first cheap shopping place in Phuket is Pratnum Market. This place is a shopping place visited by many tourists from various countries, especially those from Southeast Asia.

Here you can get various kinds of goods at low prices. Platinum Market presents products such as shoes, bags, clothes, and other items at low prices. For the price range of goods sold at Pratnum Market is around 50 to 150 baht, depending on the type of products and the quality of the items you want to buy.

3. Bombay Market

The next cheap shopping place in Phuket that you can visit is Boebae Market. This place is a paradise for those of you who do have hobbies to try new styles. The traders who are here sell the best quality clothing at low prices. Even so, do not doubt the quality offered because the clothes sold here have the best quality.

Uniquely on Boebae Market, you can still make an offer, especially if you buy goods or clothing in large quantities.

I hope this article useful.

By Njord