Have you ever dreamed of getting a six-pack like Captain America? Hmm, for some people, forming a six-pack, aka muscles in the stomach, may be as difficult as getting a mate.

1. Check the percentage of fat in the body

Basically, the six-pack on Loopers’ stomach can appear when the percentage of fat in the body reaches a certain number. Generally, 13{51b22f6c514f1110c00afd11aa4721351a12bc08f3e2305eb6059c4b282269c1} for guys and 17{51b22f6c514f1110c00afd11aa4721351a12bc08f3e2305eb6059c4b282269c1} for you girls. However, this does not apply to everyone because the human body has different and unique conditions.

know the level of fat in the body through tools that are usually provided at the gym. Then, what if you don’t join the gym? Relax, you can check it out here.

Well, the simplest way to find out the level of fat that must be removed is to equate it with body weight through the following formula:

({51b22f6c514f1110c00afd11aa4721351a12bc08f3e2305eb6059c4b282269c1} fat to lose) x (body weight) = weight to lose

For example, if you are now 76 kg with 18{51b22f6c514f1110c00afd11aa4721351a12bc08f3e2305eb6059c4b282269c1} fat, Loopers must lose 6{51b22f6c514f1110c00afd11aa4721351a12bc08f3e2305eb6059c4b282269c1} fat so that the remaining fat percentage is 12{51b22f6c514f1110c00afd11aa4721351a12bc08f3e2305eb6059c4b282269c1}. Then (0.06) x (76) = 4.56 kg.

2. Create a detailed training plan

After knowing the body weight that must be lowered, the next step in forming a six-pack stomach is to plan an exercise pattern.

Do cardiovascular exercise like jogging on the day. While muscle training can be done in the afternoon and evening depending on the activity. Do it this way consistently with a combination of healthy diets that will be shared in the next tips.

3. Do some special exercises

So that you can get the six-pack abs in a month, you also need special training. No need to join a gym for an exorbitant fee, you can do it yourself at home. therefore you can follow a fitness program and which is definitely suitable for all ages, please visit fit after 50.

4. Perform HIIT if necessary

Many think that six-pack muscles can be achieved through various muscle exercises. It’s not completely wrong, but you also need cardiovascular exercise to get rid of fat in the body, especially the stomach. Now one of the cardiovascular exercises you can do is through HIIT aka High Intensity Interval Training.

An example of HIIT exercises that you can do to form a six-pack abs in one month is a combination of running and walking. For example, run 100 meters and then return to the original place by walking quickly. Do this exercise in 10 sets for 30 minutes in the morning. Also combine it with the muscle training that you have planned 5 times a week.

Want to know how to have a healthy diet to build six-pack muscles in one month? Check on the next page, OK!

1. Avoid junk food

Do you want to snack or eat fast food? From now on, you should avoid these junk foods so that your dream box stomach can come true.

Instead of eating unhealthy foods, it’s better to invest in buying nutritious foods. Besides being good for muscle building, healthy food is also important for your health in the future.

2. Eat a balanced portion

To form a six-pack stomach in one month, Loopers need to nourish the body with a balanced nutritious diet. Consume more protein with other complementary foods such as fruits and vegetables.

It’s best to eat as few carbohydrates as possible and foods high in fat. Eits, but don’t eliminate carbohydrates in your daily diet. However, carbohydrates are needed to supplement your protein.

3. Eat 6 times a day

Diet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat it. Conversely, Loopers need to eat at least six times a day to form a six-pack abs within a month. Roughly, this is how your diet takes shape muscle:

One egg with whole wheat bread as a breakfast menu

Snack: low-fat yogurt

Eat lots of vegetables as a lunch menu

Eat fruit as a side dish or snack

Eat chicken at night with protein drinks as a snack

4. Drink lots of water

As long as you form this six-pack stomach, you shouldn’t skip the drinking ritual. This is done to prevent dehydration during the full days of exercise and physical activity.

Well, do all the ways to form the six-pack stomach above consistently. Good luck and welcome the beautiful boxes on your stomach within a month!

By Njord