The app du recorder is a useful and high qualitative screen recording app that any android device would be able to use. That the du recorder would be able to record very clearly and smoothly. 

What is du recorder apk? 

Here there are amazing features included in the du recorder. Capture the screen by using this du recorder app. Aside from this, record videos and take screenshots by the du recorder apk. Although there are some more categories of the items provided by the du recorder to record. 

The following are the most specific facts of the du recorder. These are key features. 

  • Rooting doesn’t require 
  • No any time limit for the recordings 
  • Always the output is high qualitative 
  • Provide a very initiative interface 
  • The app supports more than 20 languages 

What are the features of the du recorder apk? 

Screen recording 

  The main use that was provided by the du recorder. That is one of the widely used screen recorders in 2020. By using this du recorder, record the games that you wanted to play. Those are as follows. 

  • Many resolutions and variable frame rates are available for the users who use this du recorder 
  • Pause at where you don’t want to record and if you want to start the recording again resume the recording 
  • Assign what is the location that the user wants to save the screen recording 
  • If the user wants to turn the screen recording into a gif. 
  • Download what you have recorded to the pc. Use a WiFi-connected pc for that purpose. 

Video editor 

In order to get a better outcome, there are multiple editing tools including in the du recorder. Certainly, those apps can create the best screen recorder very clearly. 

  • Merge multiple videos. By using this merging feature, combine multiple videos at once 
  • If an unnecessary part is included in the app, remove that by using the trim feature of the du recorder. 
  • Adjust the volume of the background sounds and adjust the frame rates and other all 
  • Insert subtitles to the video if you want it. 

Live creator 

The screen broadcasting function is available on the du recorder apk. Therefore by using this feature any apk user can export the screen recording into any place that the users want. Stream the user’s device screen into YouTube or Facebook. Show that what you are doing or else display your skills to others. Here the specific features contained in the du recorder allows the user to live stream very easily. 


The du recorder allows its users to activate the face cam. By enabling the Facecam feature, the device user’s expressions can be recorded easily. It is very funny to explore the facial expressions while on gameplay or any other event. 

How to install the du recorder apk? 

  • Simply anyone would be able to explore it on Google play store. 
  • Search for the du recorder 
  • Click the install tab, to get the du recorder apk 
  • Start working with the app after installation 

How to use the app? 

  • To start the recording, just click on the icon of video recording 
  • Again press the recording button that would be appeared 
  • The countdown will start and the recording even starting 
  • If you want to stop the screen recording, click on the pause or on the start 

FAQs of the du recorder 

Q: Is du recorder safe to use? 

A: Yes, the user can be safe after going through all the privacy terms. Just follow them and ensure your own safety. 

Q: Would Snapchat be able to detect the recorder? 

A: No, Snapchat wouldn’t be able to detect any third-party screen recorder. 

Q: Is du recorder a Chinese app? 

A: Yes, this is a Chinese app, and that is owned by Dob global. 

Here all specifications are regarding only the du recorder apk. That is a user-friendly apk and contains specific tools. Just connect with the app community and discover more uses of it. 

By Njord