Sand and desert miles, tall towers like the sky, palm beaches and beautiful man-made miracles-Dubai has packed as much variety and diversity as we often forget to pass this beautiful desert town and talkabout tourist stops. This time you do not limit to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain and Dubai Mall – List Dubai’s famous treasure chest, which will be sure to ensure.

The Majlis Cafe, Jumeirah Mosque

Next time in Dubai, camel milk makes an effort to do that, turning directly to The Majlis cafe near the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque. They serve wonderful pistacisis made from camel’s milk. Well, that’s not all – they even have chamomile shakes, camel milk cakes and camel meal and cream!

Al Mamzar Beach Park

When traveling with children, Al Mamzar Beach Park is a perfect place for them. This white beach with air-conditioned cabins is rented in Deira. You can also choose to swim here in the swimming pool. And that’s not the end. There are picnic areas with barbecue, bike & car rental services, restaurants, pubs and a skating arena.

 Al Serkallaan

In Al Quoz there is an industrial store, now home to homes, which may be Dubai’s coolest arts and culture scene. This is Al Serkallaan. There are art galleries worth the trip, coffee bars to go in and see the world go by and much more. You can even attend art classes, exhibitions and workshops. You can also buy some spectaculars and exclusive easy art from this art gallery. Here you can find cheap car rental in Dubai that will accommodate you with good car at cheap rate which makes your traveling easy.

Coffee Museum

Take a break from shopping malls and souks and visit the coffee museum in Al Fahidi Historical District. This unique cafe-cum-shop-cum-cultural experience will spoil you. You can add antique, Barista equipment and books about the coffee’s history, as well as recipes to the roast of coffee beans. So much coffee culture, all in one place!

XVA Art Hotel

Hidden in the Al Fahidi district, is the XVA Art Hotel. One can argue that there are countless hotels in Dubai, each better than the other, but one is special because it only has 14 rooms designed individually and thoroughly. This former residence even houses an amazing XVA cafe, which is interesting, only serve the Middle Eastern Vegetarian Tariff. But what can you be most excited about, especially if you are art, is the gallery and design store! Finally go to the starloft and you will know what comfort means.

By Njord