Iceland is an island full of natural scenery and landscapes. Lava fields from old volcanoes and geysers dominate the land and they are protected by the government through various national parks. The popular Icelandic horse tours are the best activities you can do when you visit. People come from all over the world to engage in horse riding activities, especially with family or old friends.

It is crucial to have an idea of how to go about it in this case. As you will notice, there are different packages to suit different budgets and needs while giving holidaymakers a lot of fun.

Research Well

Before making any decision on which holiday package to choose, one has to research well. There are numerous informative travel websites that share the best holiday packages to choose from and even the experiences that people have enjoyed in the past.

As you do this, also consider the time when you will be here as it can determine the package that you will get. Some agents and companies offer the best travel holidays to individuals while others offer horse riding packages to groups.

Choose the Best Agent for Your Holiday

Now that you know what your holiday should look like, it is time to look for an Icelandic horse-riding agent who will facilitate your holiday. The website offers some of the best packages in the region and it is advisable to use them. If not, there are numerous others that you can use if they have all that you need. High-quality horse-riding tours use Icelandic horses to give the tourists a lifetime experience. Also, ensure that they give you an experienced tour guide to facilitate your tour in the best way possible.

Examples of the Best Horse-Riding Tours in Iceland

·             Mr. Iceland horse riding – They offer various tours on a farm with great scenery and landscapes whether you choose winter tours or summer ones. You can choose a package ranging from black beach horse riding to a lunch retreat with Mr. Iceland. Any of their tours with Icelandic ponies will not disappoint you.

·             Autumn sheep herding – There is nothing better than experiencing the traditional sheepherding on a horse. Experienced tour guides will make this tour even more fun as they explain each activity that you conduct. The good thing is that many organizers allow families to do these activities together.

·             Canyon trail horse riding – Regardless of the time, you can decide to take this thrilling tour. According to travel data from the government, the Golden Waterfall Gullfoss and Geysir Hot Spring area canyons are the most visited by Icelandic horse riders. Hence, there is no need to be left behind if you are already in this country.


Icelandic horse tours are graced by traditional activities and panoramic sceneries and landscapes. Some people prefer winter activities since they are thrilling while others want to enjoy summer fun through traditional activities. The best part is that none of the horse-riding activities will disappoint you. So, what are you waiting for?

By Njord