For New Businesses, Try To Follow These 10 Tips To Develop This Business

The trend of business development every year continues to develop in a more positive direction. Moreover, new business trends continue to emerge along with technological developments, where technology opens up opportunities for everyone to enter new businesses.

So, once you get a business idea that suits you, the next step you need is to find or develop a strategy regarding how to grow the business. As a first step, here are 10 business development tips that you can try to apply from now on.

1. Create a Business Financial Plan for the First Yea

Plan all sales forecasts and how much budget is needed to meet them.

This is very important in starting a business, and you must also have a “Plan B” when the first plan does not work as well as expected.

2. Always Be Ready for the Unexpected

As previously mentioned, there are some things that don’t go according to plan and expectations. Every new business can be very vulnerable to macroeconomic factors to changes in government regulations on the economy.

Or, if the business you are running is no longer in accordance with the trend or there are easier alternatives available than what you are offering, then you must prepare a good strategy to prevent these unexpected things.

3. Business Diversification

Like investing, businesses must also employ diversification methods. Try to keep your sales target directed at a variety of customer types, so that the risks of product failure are minimized.

If the product you offer is aimed specifically at one target customer according to their demographic, your business will have big problems if that target customer switches to a product that is more efficient for them.

Slowly your business starts to be abandoned. If you have another product, you can use software from lead conversion squared to increase sales of your product.

4. Don’t Just ‘Stand On’ On One Vendor

Many businesses are hampered from developing because so far they have only relied on one vendor / supplier, especially if the vendor / supplier is also an SME.

If something happens to your vendor / supplier, production activities to sales will be severely hampered, so of course it will hinder the development of your business.

5. Don’t run out of cash

Cash is a significant thing that must be available at all times. Once you run out of cash, it means that your employees will likely be late paying their wages.

Vendor / supplier payments can also be compromised, lowering your reputation as a new business.

6. Manage Cash Flow Wel

Understand and manage from the start your business cash flow, both expenses and income. Record every expense and income properly from the start of the business.

7. Don’t Try Combining Business and Personal Finances

Business finances should be used only for business needs, do not involve personal needs, and vice versa.

Remain consistent in managing business and personal finances but keep any management methods and records associated with them separate.

8. Maintain Business Relations with Customers

Don’t ever disappoint your customers because they are your source of income and can be a part of your marketing strategy, especially with the concept of word of mouth.

Give the best service to each customer and respond to their questions well, or always be ready to help if they need it.

9. Don’t be afraid to try new opportunities

While still relevant to the business you are running, never be afraid to try new opportunities.

Taking advantage of new opportunities equals enabling your business to expand further, acquire new target customers, and expand your business strategy.

This is one of the tips for growing a business that should not be ignored.

10. Maintain Stability of Business Development with Business Capital Loans

Don’t let the development of your business stagnate just because of a lack of venture capital to continue to develop it.

Plan for expansion as soon as your business is running consistently and income is stable, then apply for a venture capital loan as “extra breath” to keep growing. Many financial services are now available to provide venture capital support.


By applying the 10 business development tips above, the hope that your business will continue to grow is wide open.

And the most important thing is not to limit the potential for your business development, especially due to a lack of venture capital.

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