To get rid of your monotonous routine for a short while, it’s thoughtful to plan an expedition. It definitely works. The main hurdle is deciding on a place for the vacation as your decision can either make or break your entire trip. A poor choice of destination can be a costly affair in every way.

For first time visitors, there are many places to choose from. To be precise, Hong Kong is one of the most beginner- friendly countries to give a go. It is a perfect amalgamation of traditions and latest trends to showcase its beauty. Pre-trip preparations are a big deal and you must be feeling on the top of the world.

To make your journey comfortable, Cathay Pacific has come up with the latest direct flights from US to this enchanting Asian destination. Follow the link to get a unique and world-class flight experience from New York City to Hong Kong.

So, where you should stay and which places you must explore while touring Hong Kong? Don’t feel fuss about it, let us help you get around this beautiful metropolis.

  • Understand the Metropolis

On reaching the magnificent city, all we seek is accommodation for our comfort stay. It’s better if you book your stay place in advance after booking your flight tickets to Hong Kong. Your hotel or farmhouse should not be at far distance from the places you intend to visit or activity booths you want to take part in.

We would highly recommend you to have advance bookings in either Hong Kong Island or Kowloon Peninsula. Both places offer attractive spots, grand shopping malls, and restaurants to hang out. When it comes to Hotels, we have luxury, mid-range and budget hotels to pick one. Hong Kong has budget-friendly accommodation option with a range of hostels and dormitories if you plan to travel with a group.

  • A crowded place

Hong Kong has a huge population of around seven million people and counting surrounding the areas of 1,106 square kilometers. On weekends and holidays, places like shopping malls, restaurants, and supermarkets remain crowded with residents and visitors from other countries.

  • Breathtaking CENTRAL

Central is considered as the financial district. It is the heart of entertainment in Hong Kong. Its popular nightlife is a treat to enjoy and watch. Central’s Lan Kwai Fong is a must place visit for the first time visitors.

 SoHo is popular for its contemporary art and chic restaurants. Hong Kong has the world’s longest escalator system in the world. You can ride from Central to Mid-levels escalator.

  • Spine-chilling adventures

Don’t forget to explore the rich waters of Sai Kung. For mind-blowing experience, give this place a visit between April and October. Tung Lung Chau has everything from rock-climbing to zip lining sessions to get the amazing sights of island and coast from these tremendous heights.

Dragon Back is one of the most popular gradient trails. As a reward, you get the sight of a wonderful view. Moreover, cycling is considered as one of the most effective workouts to explore Tolo Harbor Cycle and other popular mountain trails. All these adventures will surely inspire you to stay healthy and fit.

  • Wednesdays – Perfect Day for Museum visits

Some of the most popular museums in Hong Kong offer free entry on Wednesdays. The Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, and the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum provide the visitors with such pleasure. For those who abstain from crowd, they can give frequent visits to museums on weekdays

Hong Kong is a magnificent place worth exploring. For first-time visitors, this place would seem a hilly one. Central has a gigantic escalator system to get up and down the hilly terrain. To cope up with so much of walk, it is better to carry a comfortable pair of shoes along with you.

Don’t forget to buy an octopus card as it is important to carry while touring Hong Kong. This pre-paid card allows you to make payments for all transportation modes. It is applicable in various stores, fast-food joints, and vending machines.

Make sure you carry extra batteries and water. Do have lots of fun while taking memorable pictures.

By Njord