Becoming a travel-smart vacationer or even business traveler means knowing how to use technology to your advantage. There are several ways you can improve your downtime while on holiday, get cheaper prices while abroad, and navigate unknown places without getting lost in the process. You can even get safer and cheaper taxi fares in some countries. All you need to do is know where to look, how to look, and what to look for.

Getting Cheaper Flight Prices

There are several theories out there that airline booking companies have been a little unscrupulous with the way they give you flight prices when searching for dates. Some companies are said to record your IP address and location so they can increase the prices each time you come back to check them. This is certainly true and has been proven by quite a few people who have used VPN software to hide their IP address and search for the same flight dates from a different location. The result was that these people were given cheaper prices via the VPN.

As a result, you should always look at flight prices via a VPN, and then when it is time to book, you can use your home IP address.

Finding Safe and Cheaper Travel Methods

Uber has become worldwide sensation for people looking for cheaper taxi rides. In most cases it is also safer to get an Uber because the taxi driver has been registered on the app. Now there are some rumors that it is not as safe, but at the end of the day, how many taxi drivers look like the person in the picture in the license they must show by law in their cab. In many European counties and especially in Asian countries, the picture rarely matches. Also, you may not have time to remember the cabbie’s license plate, name and so on.

However, if you use Uber or a similar app such as Grab Cab which is popular in Thailand, you will not get into the car until you have seen it is the right license plate coming to pick you up. This is safer than trying to track down a cabbie you flagged down and jumped in without any digital record of you ordering that cab. Make sure you look online for an app that can be used to order transportation while you are travelling abroad.

Watching Local TV Channels

Most hotels do not have a decent collection of TV channels. Instead, you may rather watch your Netflix catalogo in order to get your entertainment. You should be able to use Chromecast if you want to use the Netflix app, or you could plug in your tablet or laptop to the TV if you are using HDMI cables. Other ways to watch Netflix is to simply use your laptop. However, when you log on to your Netflix, you may find that you are given a selection of local films and series with some of your own local options missing from the catalogue.

As a result, you should use something like catalogo Netflix to log on to your local version of Netflix. This way you will feel right at home without the local IP address dictating what you can and can’t watch via your accommodation’s internet connection. At the same time, you are protected by the built-in VPN encryption as after all, you are connecting to a hotel access point that is not guaranteed to be safe or secure.

By Njord