Phuket Vacation Guide, Information and Tips

Phuket Vacation Guide you might really need when on vacation to this place. Moreover, the Phuket region in Thailand is known to be always crowded with tourists. Traveling there is indeed interesting, in addition to the beaches there and the beautiful underwater world as well as a variety of other tours are no less cool.

Book a hotel, hostel or accommodation through an online booking site

In Phuket the center of the crowd is in the Kamala Beach area. Automatic to enjoy and stay at the Kamala Beach inn area, of course, must be fast and maximum. The good thing is doing online bookings for lodging one of which you can visit the website It is feared that if you don’t book online, it will be difficult to find a place to stay in the Kamala Beach area in Phuket. There are many cheap hotels in the Kamala Beach area with good facilities.

Take a Free SIM Card

You who like online certainly will not think twice for this moment. As is known to change the sim card from your home country to the sim card of the destination country it is certain that the cost of internet data access will be cheaper than having to use the local number of the country of origin. When you arrive at Phuket International Airport, don’t miss the counter desk that provides a free sim card. Precisely, after passing through the immigration desk continue to walk out of the arrival terminal at Phuket Airport until finding one or several counter tables from telecommunications providers that offer free sim cards.


Phuket has a lot of tourist sites, both within the island or crossing to other islands. Phuket tourism is also made in various packages. Like the Phi-phi island tour.

The average cost of a phuket tour ranges from 1100 to 1400 using a speed boat. Using a bigboat is even cheaper at around 800 – 900 bath but the number of islands it visits is less than a speed boat.

Transportation in Phuket

If you’re just the two or four of you might try exploring Phuket by renting a motorbike. It cost around 250 bath at the time. More economical costs. For the oil content is not too difficult. If you want to try other transportation, you can use a tuk-tuk. The cost depends on our goals. Far near of course different.

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