For the Android users who wants to make your Android visible in a modern way, here is a best launcher for you. That is PiePie Launcher. A Pixel-Style Launcher. An intuitive and easy to use launcher in your Android. And It makes easy to menage your Android in a modern and a nice way. Android 9.0 launcher stimulates this launcher and you can add the features of Android 9.0 very easily in your Android. Best match and a mind-blowing launcher for your Android.

You can experience new launcher features in your old Android. Your present Android will get a modern Pixel look with this fantastic launcher. If you are unable to download this launcher using play store, you can use any other app stores like AC Market.

Attributes of PiePie Launcher

If you swipe up you can see all the apps available there in the Android with circular icons. The launcher offers you a new pack of apps and icons above the current launcher you are using.

The widgets displaying style is also very cool and there you can personalize widget font, date and the time format also. Adding more features may slow down your old Android phone. You can use RAM and app managing app like Clean Master to control which apps need to run on your device in order to regain loss performance.

Quick settings- A home setting option is available there in the launcher. It allows you to customize the home screen of your android. There is an option named quick set icons. You can customize the icon size, the icon label text size and the label font by using the above option. You can remove or add labels to the icons even. Can enable or disable the displaying of the notification bar. This feature is indeed helping you to personalize the icons as you prefer. This makes it comfortable for you to use your home screen. For example, if you have a relatively poor eyesight then you can have large icons and labels. Just using a one clicks you can have a nice and matching home screen.

The other feature under the quick set icons is launcher style. Under this category 4 launcher styles that you can choose. Android M style (6.0), Android N style (7.0), Android O style (8.0) and Android P style (9.0).

In addition, to the above features there are many more other features included in the home setting option which you can use to customize your home screen. You can change the number of rows and columns of apps in the home screen.

You can customize each and every thing in your home screen with this launcher. Opportunities are given to customize your dock style even. Can change the height, labels, arrows, icon numbers and so forth of the dock.

This includes 6 themes for you to select. Or else automatic theme option is also there to tally with the wallpaper that you are using.

You can customize the pop-up and the shortcut style also with this. Includes 14 different scroll effects for you to select. There is awesome launcher for Android TV boxes too. You can use Filelinked to install Android TV launcher and TV Launcher 3. Use 111111111 Filelinked code to access those Android TV launchers.

An opportunity is given for you to restore the customization you did if you are not satisfied with the new styles. You can repeat the customization very easily to select the best fitting one for you.

Apart from the above-mentioned features there are tons of other features which will definitely allow you to have a newer launcher experience. Own this and relish all the features include in here.

By Njord