Put Myanmar as Your Next Vacation Destination List!

Myanmar is a  culturally thick tourist destination and also affordable. People in Myanmar are also famous for their hospitality towards tourists. The country, well known as “The Golden Land,” has thousands of gold-plated pagodas spread throughout the country. Myanmar is now similar to Thailand 25 years ago. With the excellence of attractions such as the golden pagoda, and Myanmar’s historical tourism must be included in your travel plans this year.

Why should you choose Myanmar?

Affordable Cost

If you are looking for an affordable overseas adventure, then you must visit Myanmar. To take a taxi for 20 minutes, you are only charged around 2 dollars if you are good at negotiating. Apart from transportation, hotels in Myanmar are also relatively cheap and luxurious. One of the best hotels is the Grand Mercure Golden Empire. Grand Mercure Golden Empire is a 5 Star Hotel Yangon that is relatively cheap and has complete facilities. This hotel provides a large selection of rooms for you to rest after touring the city.

Unique cuisine

Foods in Myanmar are abundant, delicious, and inexpensive. The dish generally served is Mohinga. This food is of a mixture of vermicelli (rice flour noodles) served with thick fish sauce. Mi Shan, traditional sauteed noodles with chicken in peanut sauce. Onnokauswe, boiled noodles with coconut milk. Culinary in Myanmar is dominated by curry and spicy soup.

Destinations you must visit:

  • Bagan Temple

Bagan is an ancient city in Myanmar that offers more than 3,000 temples that will take you back to the 11th century. With gold-plated towers scattered over the sky, the scenery is the paradise you never dreamed of. Bagan is more like a village rather than a city. If you love ancient vibes, exploring this temple city will is more fun than coming to other countries.

Shwedagon Pagoda

The pagoda, which is about 360 feet high, is the largest and holiest pagoda in Myanmar. All details of the building structure, which was built around 2,500 years old, are covered by a layer of gold. The crown on the pagoda consists of 5,000 diamonds and more than 2,000 rubies, sapphires, and other precious stones.