The Ibis styles Bangkok hotel is the perfect location for you that’s looking for the accommodation of the four-star Hotel. The Ibis Styles Bangkok Hotel.

Ibis Styles Bangkok is a huge hotel. And the interiors were designed with fancy. Most of the hotel floor was covered thick carpet.

When I spend the night there, I booked the suite room. This room is made up of two bedrooms. One big bedroom with two beds, and one-bedroom that contains 1 bed but enough to accommodate two people. Also, there’s a guest room that comes with the sofa, the tv, the dinner table, and the kitchen. And a pretty big bathroom with a warm water facility. 

For breakfast, I was given a facility for 4 people because I booked a double suite. Speaking of breakfast, it’s pretty satisfactory. Many menus are presented with the buffet style, start with the appeals, the main food, and dessert. Our restaurant’s breakfast is next to the pool.

Near the castle of style Bangkok, there was a Ratchada rot Fai farmer who was close to the hotel, every morning many people opened kiosk that sold clothes to wear cheap prices. The kind of items that are sold also vary, like fashion clothing, a T-shirt that says I love Bangkok, and many others. 

This hotel location is quite strategic. We can walk to the pier of the ship’s transport, and then to the mall. Also, we can walk down to Bangkok street food. A Long Way on the left side and right people who sell rice food along with the side dish. The average food price is not too expensive. And if we want to go to a pretty far place, then in front of the hotel there are many condemned moves that are a common vehicle like a Tuk – Tuk but a rather big stop waiting for the passengers. And for the price, you can offer it.

For you that have a tourist destination to Bangkok, you can try the night at the Ibis styles Bangkok Hotel. The Hotel’s comfortable with a satisfactory facility.

By Njord