The Traditions.

Traditions represent the country’s values and beliefs. Each country has its own traditions and culture. They are in the form of costumes, dance, language, festivals, etc.

Arabian culture.

Similarly, Arabian culture is different from other cultures. They have different traditions which make the Arabian culture.

The beauty of Arabian culture.

The culture of the country attracts tourists from all over the world. Arabian culture is a separate entity. Their food, costumes, language are so famous and people love visiting Arabian countries to taste the flavor of Arabian culture.

Pleasing for the tourists.

UAE also represents the Arabian culture. Dubai is an important city of the UAE and is famous for tourist attractions. Dubai has many famous buildings, architecture, art, culture, beach and yes the famous Arabian desert.

The spectacular-Dubai desert safari.

Different activities are carried out at the Arabian desert to attract the tourists. The wonderful part of the Arabian desert is the Dubai desert safari. A trip to Dubai desert safari will enlighten your mood and it covers all the beautiful aspects of the desert.

Fall in love.

Dubai desert safari offers amazing deals and people who are fond of visiting deserts will fall in love with Dubai desert safari. If you want to experience Arabian traditions and want to know more about Arabian culture then do visit Dubai desert safari.

The highlight of Dubai desert safari-Overnight safari.

Dubai desert safari offers overnight safari which is the most amazing deal. It has amazing camp activities and most importantly the Arabian culture is the highlight of the overnight safari.

Stop thinking and start booking.

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The beautiful Arabic costume.

The camp activities include Arabic costume photography. Wear the Arabic costume and get the feel of Arabs. Click pictures and have all the fun.

The Royal Bird.

You can also click pictures with Falcon-The royal bird. Capture beautiful moments.

The uncountable spins of Tanoura performers.

The most famous at Dubai desert safariis the folk dance-the Tanoura show. A skirt is used in this form of dance. It is multicolored. The Tanoura dancers spin around and they represent Sufism as well. They are so experienced and trained that when they stop spinning, they don’t feel dizzy and don’t experience a headache.

The beauty of the show.

It is considered religious and it symbolizes the higher state of Sufism. They believe that while performing they enter a state of mind where they feel a strong bond and a strong connection with God.

For the peace of soul.

The whole performance is actually soothing to eyes. It is peaceful to watch them. The performers also feel relaxed and their heart and mind are at a state of peace after the whole performance.

The vibe.

It strongly represents the Arabian tradition. It is actually the highlight of the overnight safari. You can take pictures, record videos and enjoy the whole vibe.

By Njord