Perhaps many of you who currently have dreams of exploring the world. Imagine the pleasure of relaxing by the beach or setting foot on the highest mountain peak. You also feel jealous of holiday photo posts that are perched on people’s social media.

However, the myriad of plans you have for a vacation have not been realized, because the cost of staying at a hotel tends to be expensive, while many people who succeed, don’t worry, by staying at Novotel Yangon Max, you can minimize your expenses.

1. Traveling costs money. Of course your dream will only be a plan if you are not able to manage expenses properly

Traveling is a hobby that requires a lot of money. Therefore, it has become a law of nature for you mini pockets adventurers, must be smart to make savings on all fronts. If other friends are free to walk to the cafe for customers to drink coffee that costs tens of thousands, you must be willing to hold back so that your savings can be collected immediately.

Unfortunately, although many people realize that they have to downsize if they want to take a vacation, not everyone wants to do it. The temptation to live a ‘luxurious’ life is sometimes difficult to avoid. You are often unable to resist the invitation of friends to eat at restaurants or maybe shop when there is a massive discount. If you have this, the plan to save a vacation will only be an eternal discourse.

2. want to traveling has been a thought for a long time, but never mind saving – just gathering information is reluctant to do.

Don’t think only for money, looking for information is also one way to make travel plans come true. Because without careful preparation, your desire to explore a place will only be wishful. By searching for information, you will know how much money is needed, start thinking about how to get the funds collected.

Maybe you have long fostered a desire to go see the Songkran festival in Thailand, but let alone saving money just looking for information you are lazy. But without the information you can not realize the next step in order to achieve the plan to go there.

3. You who can not go without a travel companion, prepare to bury in the desire for adventure to many places of interest

There are many people out there who deliberately cancel their trip just because they don’t have friends. Indeed, going out with friends has its own pleasure. Besides being more exciting, you can also share the cost of trips ranging from lodging to transportation costs. But that doesn’t mean your adventure plan has to stall with this standard reason. With the presence or absence of friends, you should actually keep on going if the pleasure is planned. If you keep waiting for friends, your travel plans are guaranteed to fail.

4. Although the desire for a vacation already exists in the crown, but if you do not prepare enough time

Do not expect to be able to come true. Aside from money reasons, another reason many of those who ‘claim’ to want a vacation is to not have time. Indeed, with the demands of work or the piling up of college assignments, you can’t go around on business trips. But that does not mean you can not do it. As long as you have the intention and really try, there will always be time to add to the experience of exploring new places. Take advantage of weekends or national holidays to go to the dream tourist spot. You can also actually take a leave of absence if the desire for vacation is no longer unstoppable.

5. Money and time are not actually a barrier to your adventure, but because of excessive worry you often frustrate the desire to travel

You have money and travel time can be arranged in such a way, but in reality there are a lot of your travel plans that are delayed. The cause of the failure is because your worries are too high. Starting from the fear of getting lost on the road to the fear of becoming a victim of crime.

By Njord