The Most Important Marriage Preparation List

Marriage preparation is not easy. Not infrequently, couples who prepare it to feel dizziness. To make it easier, here is the list of essential wedding preparations for you:

Wedding budget

Having a wedding party certainly doesn’t require a small fee. What both of the family wants must be implemented. To make everything stand out, it cost a lot.

The budget is a crucial topic. If you both use personal money from each other’s savings, you should make a deal together in determining the budget.

Make a schedule

A schedule helps to make everything run based on the plan. Making a schedule will make your wedding preparation list well organized. Besides being more planned, a schedule can reduce panic and stress.

Number of guests

The number of guests will affect many things. So it is best to negotiate the number of guests from both families. After knowing how many people you invited, you can determine the catering and wedding venue that has the capacity according to your guests.

Wedding Venue

The wedding venue must be booked in advance. Start browsing – make a list of wedding venues that will fit your wedding concept as well. Then, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each wedding venue that is included in the list of choices. If you choose the idea of indoor, having a wedding in a hotel can be the right choice. Usually, the hotel provides a complete wedding package. If you select a wedding package in Pullman G 5 Star hotel Bangkok, the wedding team will help you to create the perfect celebration of your dreams!

Prewedding – Wedding Photography and Videography

Documentation is also essential in a wedding preparation list. Don’t let special moments in your life have no documentation. Know the portfolio of the photographers or videographers that you want. Then, choose one that suits your budget.


Wedding decoration can make a wedding beautiful. With the concept you have, do a small survey to see the decor of the vendor you choose. Consult what you want and see whether they can work it out or not. If they don’t, it’s okay. Find another decor team while you have time.

Bridal Wear and Makeup

With the concept and theme of the wedding that you have set, now you need to choose the wedding dress that you and your partner will use. Choose the best dress that the color will pop up between your decoration color.

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