Singapore is a surprisingly modern city. However, at the same time, it is filled with culture, history, and a lot of color. There are several ethnic neighborhoods offering fantastic attractions, together with many locations where you can easily enjoy the shopping experience of a lifetime. Toronto to Singapore Cathay Pacific flights are now available so you can easily enjoy every single one of the top places mentioned below.

Changi Experience Studio

Discover an adventure at Changi Experience Studio, an innovative digital attraction located at Jewel. Experience projection experiences such as interactive games and immersive shows to understand technology and aviation at work in this must-see Singapore travel attraction.

Unlock the secret world of Changi Airport through this incredible experience! Discover everything from behind-the-scenes stories of the world’s best airport, to future technologies and how Changi continues to adapt in response to passengers needs.

Attraction features 10 interactive zones offering different interactive and stimulating activities such as battle of smiles, garden that sings and mirror maze. Furthermore, an in-depth tour of Changi Airport’s operations (from horticulture to baggage handling systems) is offered as part of this experience.

Spend an enjoyable moment at Changi Airport’s Sky Deck, an interactive space offering breathtaking flight paths and informative facts about it. Or experience its remarkable Finale audio-visual showpiece depicting its vision and dreams!

ArtScience Museum is another must-visit attraction near Changi Experience Studio, featuring exhibitions that fuse art, culture and science into an impressive experience. Notable exhibits at this cultural attraction include Leonardo da Vinci’s and Vincent Van Gogh’s works; as well as modern and contemporary Asian art collections from Leonardo and Van Gogh himself.

Changi Experience Studio offers thrilling rides or relaxing retreats during any Singapore visit, perfect for all. Packed full of attractions to please every member of your family – take a ride on Mastercard Canopy Bridge that gives the illusion of walking among clouds 23 meters above ground; discover Slides, Foggy Bowls or Petal Gardens are also all part of its offer.

National Museum of Singapore

History enthusiasts should make time to visit Singapore’s National Museum. Formerly the Raffles Museum, this neoclassical structure boasts a stained glass rotunda and intricate dome, plus interactive multimedia galleries that bring the nation’s vast biography alive – from ancient Malay royalty through colonial rule to contemporary food and fashion trends; even sophisticated visitors will be charmed by what awaits them here!

Singapore Story offers an interactive journey through key moments in Singaporean history and those who shaped them, from displays of human teeth discovered during excavation to replicas of first colonial ships – this gallery will transport you back in time!

Modern Colony Gallery, where Singaporeans attempted to form a culture of cosmopolitanism by mixing Eastern and Western influences. Additionally, you’ll see personal belongings from that period which help further illustrate this dynamic mix of cultures that existed at that time.

Growing Up is a gallery that showcases life in Singapore during its postwar years, featuring recorded anecdotes and memorabilia from this period that highlight Singapore’s communal spirit of gotong royong which kept its nation together during this challenging era. There are also games which will bring back fond memories from childhood!

The National Museum of Singapore offers several events and presentations worth attending, such as its Quite Mornings program. Held three times monthly, this unique experience allows visitors to experience its galleries without the usual bustle. Perfect for people sensitive to stimulation or on the Autism spectrum; sensory maps and accessories will be provided at no charge in order to help adjust to any stimuli present; advance tickets must be obtained.

Madame Tussauds

Take photos with them all or pose for selfies to keep the fun alive as well as interact with them personally – that is Madame Tussauds!

Madame Tussauds Singapore provides a uniquely local experience. Meet Singapore politicians and celebrities through its ‘Images of Singapore’ experience or take a ride on its first ever boat ride ‘Spirit of Singapore,’ taking you through a fantasy garden, F1 night race track, Changi International Airport as well as VR Racing Experience (a first at Madame Tussauds!). Thrill seekers can also take part in its VR Racing Experience for even more adrenaline rush!

If romance is what you seek, why not enjoy breakfast at Tiffany’s alongside Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn or have an engaging discussion with Oprah. Or get involved with pop culture by going on set with Arnold Schwarzenegger or joining Audrey Hepburn during a scene from ‘The Terminator.’

Sport fans will also have plenty of entertainment at the ‘Sports Zone,’ featuring prominent athletes from multiple fields. Kick virtual penalty shots with Cristiano Ronaldo or spar with NBA icon Yao Ming or pay your respects to Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar!

Beyond celebrity encounters, the museum offers interactive exhibits that allow visitors to understand how these works of art are created. You can go behind-the-scenes and witness every stage of creation yourself – from sculpting molds to painting finished figures – giving an invaluable understanding of all that effort goes into producing these lifelike wax figures.


Scentopia, located along the peaceful shores of Siloso Beach in Singapore, provides travellers with unique perfume-making experiences. Celebrating Singapore’s rich floral heritage through guided perfumery tours and workshops as well as its state-of-the-art augmented reality perfume-making platform makes Scentopia an experience not to be missed, whether traveling alone or with friends and family.

Participants of Scentopia workshops get to create their own perfume using various fragrances such as jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, orchid, musk and vetiver to customize a bottle they take home with them. Scentopia also boasts a retail section where visitors can purchase perfumes as well as related items like soaps, bath salts and essential oils; plus it costs S$96 for 100ml or $81 for 50ml which makes the workshop considerably cheaper than buying from department stores!

For an interactive and enjoyable perfume-making workshop experience, try taking part in the perfume Personality Test. This quiz asks questions such as your preferred foods, your love language and issues/stressors in order to determine your ideal fragrances – which then appear on our Scent Wall display wall!

Apart from perfume workshops, Scentopia provides an abundance of activities. With its serene and picturesque location and customized challenges tailored specifically towards strengthening team ties and encouraging communication within an organization’s workplace setting. Scentopia team building activities are tailored towards meeting these organizational aspirations goals and meet these with ease.

Scentopia’s beach team building packages are an effective way to boost employee morale and motivation, offering tailored experiences for families, couples, bridal groups, tourists and school groups amidst Sentosa’s picturesque backdrop. These tailored team building activities will strengthen team bonds while turning them into one unified force.

By Njord