My senior year of college has been the most difficult for me. I’m so close to being able to graduate, but I have to get through my computer science courses. There’s one course in particular that is giving me trouble. The course has been related to Turing tests and in some parts I get really lost. So far I’ve been hanging on because I found a way to pay for programming homework help. The help that I’ve been getting has kept my grade stable so far and hopefully I’ll be able to pass the class with it.

When I first started taking the class, a friend of mine told me that he heard it was one of the hardest classes for computer science students. He originally wanted to be a computer science major, but decided to drop the major in freshman year to purse a biology major. I’ve always found his work to be more difficult than mine, because there have been so many things related to the body and chemical processes that he’s had to learn, and none of those really made sense to me. I’ve always been good at math, so I’ve been better at computer science than my friend.

The class that has been giving me the most difficulty on has six people in it, so no one can really miss a day without being noticed, and the teacher is always calling on one of us to answer the questions. There have been times where the teacher has called on me and I didn’t quite understand something, so I gave an answer, but it was the wrong one. I think having only a few people in the class makes it even more embarrassing when you answer a wrong question, because the air is more silent and you can notice everyone glaring at you.

By Njord