For some people who rarely travel by plane, the airport situation sometimes feels strange. Especially if the airport has just been renovated, both in terms of buildings to add some new facilities. Such as goods packaging services or called Baggage Wrapping. Not a few of the prospective passengers feel unfamiliar with the facility.

For example, Clowy a Women from Canada who had returned to his hometown in Mexico in February. Clowy said, when he was about to return to Canada, he was given a souvenir in the form of a guitar by his father. Yes, souvenirs are indeed one of the items that are often carried by passengers while traveling. Some souvenirs also sometimes have values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are not measurable, aka they cannot be replaced nominally if they are damaged or lost. When carrying such items, both Cloud and other passengers, of course, want the item to be safe during the trip. Not broken or broken. Knowing that the item is at risk of being damaged, the cloud immediately wraps it as safe as possible. He also did not forget the “FRAGILE” sticker as a sign that the item was glassware.

Although it has been wrapped in such a way, but not infrequently there are still individual airport officers who are nosy about passenger luggage. The suitcase was damaged, then the contents were taken is something that passengers often worry about. Because the security of luggage contents must also be ensured, the solution is now almost all airports in the World provide Baggage Wrapping services. Initially Clowy was confused about the Baggage Wrapping service. Luckily in the Traveloka application where he bought tickets, information was available about the facility, so it didn’t take long for him to find out. It is known that Baggage Wrapping is an extra protection service for passenger luggage, especially those that will enter the aircraft’s baggage. Based on security, Clowy then used the facility. After all, besides securing baggage from nosy hands, the Baggage Wrapping facility can also protect bags or luggage from friction, scratches, dents, or broken. That way, both the suitcase and its contents can be safe to the destination.

Apart from Baggage Packaging, there are actually a number of other airport facilities that may not be known by some people. For example Airport Lounge which functions as an exclusive waiting room. At several airports in the US such as LAX Airport, airport lounge facilities can be easily found. With this facility, passengers can wait for the flight schedule comfortably. Because, already available chairs and tables. In addition, there is also a food and beverage buffet, massage chairs, prayer room, WIFI connection to get lax long term parking discounts if you rent parking online through

So if a rising flight has a flight schedule or delay, prospective passengers can wait without feeling bored and bored. Prospective passengers can purchase Airport Lounge access. Costs pegged to be able to enjoy this facility are also quite affordable. you can also get a jfk discount parking, if passengers rent a parking space at JFK airport. now provides up to 50{820981023a12f1663a13ba7baec0ae54e752c3bec9d1eda24e2e0dbc139d7df0} discount on parking. Just open the way application, all info is available there. Good luck!

By Njord