Thailand, known as the Land of Smiles in Southeast Asia, is currently one of the favorite tourist destinations. You can enjoy cultural tourism, history, and explore exotic beaches in Thailand.


Thailand is divided into five regions, the North, the Northeast, Eastern region, Central region and the South. In the Northern peaks you will find beautiful forests full of exotic wildlife and hill tribes. The central plains are known as the “Rice Bowl of Asia”. Bangkok is also located in the central region of Thailand. All across the Northeastern plateau which stretches from the Mekong River border with Laos to the South you will find resplendent beaches and stunning islands which include Phuket and Samui. if you need a very comfortable place in Thailand you can visit Naroua Villas Koh Toa, Thailand

Bangkok and Chiang Mai are cities that are crowded with trade and also cities that are visited by many tourists. Besides this city, what’s interesting about Thailand? Come see here.

Travel and transport:

Travelling within Thailand is very well-organized. All modern means of transport are available for travelling purposes which include travelling by bus, taxi, rail, boat, airplanes and even the traditional rickshaws. Whether you are travelling within Bangkok, visiting the beautiful islands or even trying to reach the country’s remotest destinations, you will find well-planned means of transportation which meet everyone’s budget. All the modes of transportation have well-defined and frequent departures to accommodate locals and foreigners alike. Ideally you should book your travelling means and accommodation from your home country but last-minute travel arrangements are also possible without any hassles.

Activities and entertainment:

You can find all sorts of activities and entertainment in Thailand. From simple sightseeing to adventurous jungle trekking, everything that you can imagine is available for you. Cruises to the various islands of Thailand are very popular as well as island hopping in glass bottom boats. You can do paragliding, wind surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, white water rafting, kayaking or canoeing, cave explorations, mountain biking, visit wineries, fishing, elephant riding and get entertained in the city by watching cultural shows and even take Thai cooking classes.

By Njord