What are Famous in Belitung Island?

Belitung Island, known as a producer of white pepper, has succeeded in inviting domestic and foreign tourists. This island is rich in tourism potential in the form of nature and culture. Its inhabitants, who are mostly Malay, are also known friendly and also fun.

Selected Travel Destinations on Belitung Island Tourist activities on the island of Belitung is quite diverse. For those who like water tourism, you can order a boat at Yacht Sourcing, Yacht Sourcing is a yacht sales Indonesia service, which has been involved in the marine recreation industry of Southeast Asia, and especially Indonesia. It makes you easy to surround Belitung island and enjoy the excitement of water attractions.

If you are not good at swimming, then you can choose to sunbathe or enjoy the beauty of white sand and clean on this beach. So do not be surprised if many people make Belitung Island a reliable tourist destination that must be visited. See some interesting tourist destinations on this island that you can make like a tourist reference:

Leebong Island

This island is about 3 km from the coast of Belitung Island; by motorboat, it takes about 20 minutes. With an area around 37 hectares, Leebong Island offers a stretch of white sand, a row of green trees and lush mangrove forests. Around it, there are blue and clear waters. However, slightly different from the islands and other Belitung beaches, no giant granite boulders adorn Leebong Island. A long wooden bridge in the middle of the sea and mangrove forest is one of the best spots to enjoy the view. Also, you can do it above the viewing post and artistic treehouse while chatting casually with your partner. It is incomplete to take a vacation to Leebong Island without trying various exciting activities. Call it swimming, diving, snorkeling, banana boat, jet skiing, and cycling. Want to relax? Sleeping on a hammock will also be fun!

Tourism in Tanjung Pandan

Tanjung Pandan is the capital of Belitung Island. The charm of this city is famous throughout the country with its beautiful tours. One that must be visited is the Tanjungpandan Museum. This tour is a heritage building of the Dutch era, but it is still maintained today. The objects stored in this museum, include art and cultural objects of the Belitung people.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach

Tanjung Kelayang Beach is located in the northern part of Belitung Island. This is one of the famous beaches in Belitung. One of the attractions is a stone called the Kelayang stone.

What Makes Belitung So Popular?

If you talk about this island, then many things will be imagined. Because this island has many stories from people, history, to nature. Some of these things are always remembered by people about the island of Belitung: Beautiful white sand beach, Of course, natural tourism in Belitung is best of the best alternative for tourism. Its beauty is no less than other islands in Indonesia. Various water tourism activities are also presented on this exotic island.

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