Xrecorder APK Download | Screen Recorder & Video Recorder

 Xrecorder is a free screen recorder. Here this is a free recorder without any time limit. Here the recorder is for recording live videos. Although the screenshots are of high quality. Mainly for the performance of the Xrecorder app, no rooting required. No watermark for the recorded screen. Here the app supports a better recording of your phone. Here the smooth screen recordings can be taken with the Xrecorder. The method is a very easy way rather than taking screenshots. By using this Xrecorder, you wouldn’t miss any special event. Download the recording app and keep alert with all specific events. Xrecorder is for catching everything you would like. 

Here are the all significant features that any user captured from the Xrecorder. 

  • For capturing screenshots, capture the screen perfectly 
  • Xrecorder is even a video editor too. Therefore, the recorded items can be edited in any way which you like. Here there are special tools for editing also. 
  • While on a game, record the game by the app to display your statics to others 
  • Custom settings are available for the exporting screen recordings 
  • The final outcome of the recording would be clear and smooth 
  • The app supports the floating windows feature. 
  • Here this can be controlled by one touch. It is easy while doing another process. 
  • There is another location for storage. You could select a SD card or else the internal storage of your device. 
  • Resume and pause the recording when you want to stop. Record only what you want by using this feature. 

Aside from the described features here, there are newly added features for the Xrecorder. Those are as follows. 

  • More video editing tools are added. Those editing tools are as the addition of texts, background music and merge 
  • The brush tool is for marking anything on the screen 
  • Photo editor is for the mosaic, rotation, and the text 
  • Brush tools  for the insert of the shapes 
  • User experience enhanced 
  • The existed bugs have fixed 
  • Performance has improved 

Free screen recorder 

Video recorder supports recording any event happening on the screen with the best quality. The resolution can be adjusted in the user’s favor. 

Recording with sound 

If you want to record the gameplay with the sounds, that is allowed with the Xrecorder app. Although by this, the user can record the voice of himself. 

Recording the face cam 

While recording the screen, the user can record the face of himself. Here there is a small window that appears on the screen, by that your face and the reactions can be recorded easily. The position of the window can be adjusted and the size of that can be adjusted too. 

No watermark and no limit 

 Whenever the screen of the device has finished, no watermark is for that. And no time limit for the Recording. Whenever you need it to be with the Xrecorder, the perfect screen recorder. 

Those all are about the screen recorder called Xrecorder. It is with certain unique features that the other apps won’t have. Here try it and feel the change by yourselves.

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